The Lavender Project

The Lavender Project
November 20, 2016 UB

Our lavender with a view to the Penedés.

Shortly after buying our land a close friend mentioned that she had always wanted to grow lavender. We said, we’ve got the land let’s do it. That was the beginning of a lovely journey.

Planting the original seeds (or plugs rather.)

The first year we planted 60 plants. It was a tough year with little rain and then a freaky snowstorm where they were buried in a foot of snow. They survived and we had our first harvest the following summer. With 60 plants it wasn’t a huge harvest but it was a success none the less.

Buried in the snow (4th day!)

First years growth.  It survived!

Small but successful harvest.

Working hands and paws.

Feeling confident. Our two families (4 adults, 4 kids) got to work building our fragrant endeavor. We now have close to a thousand plants spread over 2 terraces. With the new fields we have had a successful first harvest spread over two days.

Happy Worker.

Planting second batch.

Original 60 plants along side the newly planted

A bigger harvest.

Harvesting with a lot of good friends.

This past harvest we hung the lavender to dry, adding an extra scent to the construction of the barn.


Stacked and ready to dry

Drying in the barn

Lavender and Cava

Lavender and olives


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