A new New Year’s Eve tradition?

A new New Year’s Eve tradition?
January 1, 2018 Will

For our San Francisco friends who think of us as the guys who threw the big formal New Year’s Eve party in a Victorian mansion for all of those years, you might be surprised to have seen us on NYEve 2017-18.  U.B. put on his sculpture-professor hat, and we all made artworks from trash, destined to go up in smoke in an end-of-year bonfire.

Stassa wields a power drill

Dan works on King Julian

Finished works of art

Ephemeral works of art in the making

Admiring our work before it goes up in flames

A monument to the Old Year and the New

This is so last year

Admiring our work, which was about to go up in smoke

Up in flames

A thoughtful moment of reflection

We were inspired to get rid of the Global Evil that seemed to surround us in 2017.  But our little effort evolved into a will to put positive energy into hope for the future.  Instead of being victims, we decided to empower ourselves.  A peace sign survived the fire.


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  1. Joshua Thomson 3 weeks ago

    Love it!!!!

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