How We Use Our Lavender!

How We Use Our Lavender!
December 10, 2017 Stassa

The idea for the lavender eye pillows started with the production of the lavender and what we could make from it. We started giving eye pillows as gifts last year and we realized a lot of people liked them. So this year fundraising for my spring trip to London came up. I tried other things to make money with the school and outside of school but nothing really worked. So we decided to try to sell lavender products and it seems to be working. Our family makes them. Each one of us has a particular role although we all take turns. I, for example, sew the fabric into rectangles with a sewing machine. Daddy cuts the fabric for me and later turns them inside out. Papa fills the bags with our organic lavender and flax seeds. We designed the tags together that say “Dos Padres” on one side and “Stassa” on the other. It makes me feel good that I reached my goal ahead of my classmates by making and selling something personal. And people like them!

Soft velvet, easy on the eyes

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  1. lucie Kinsolving 1 month ago

    That’s wonderful! How can I purchase a lavendar eye shade shipped to the U.S.? I would love one!

    Lucie K.

    • Will 1 month ago

      Alas, Lucie, we’re only set up to share them locally. Glad you like them!

  2. Daniel Dallabrida 1 month ago

    I think , Stassa, it’s a great idea for fundraising. I wish I could by them for all our friends. We all need more sleep. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Daniel and Deary

  3. Lena Cosma 1 month ago

    Well done, Stassa! A wonderful idea! I wish a had a lavender eye pillow, no, a lot of pillows to give to family and friends, too. But I understand this is not possible. I am sure the funds for the London trip will be raised.
    Keep up the imaginative and creative work!
    Love from Athens,

  4. Mage Bailey 1 month ago

    Darn, I wanted one too. Yes, great idea.

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