Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas
September 18, 2017 UB

It’s been a month since the terrorist killings on Las Ramblas. It’s difficult and odd to address this on our lifestyle blog, but unfortunately it is part of the current world we live in. We are choosing to address it so that these all-too-frequent events do not become common everyday occurrences that one ignores. We must remember them, learn from them, and live life without fear of them.

Like most of the citizens of Barcelona, we were away from the city on holiday during the events of August 17th, which left 14 people dead and over 130 injured. We watched from afar as our neighborhood became a surreal scene of horror. It is an area of the city we often find ourselves, and a street that we cross several times a week, just blocks from our home.

A month later life goes on. The street continues to be a busy, active thoroughfare. There are flowers in a makeshift memorial at the top of the Las Ramblas. Police are slightly more present. The city has created natural looking blockades with planter boxes and trees. Barcelona is a strong city as are its citizens. The city continues as before.

Love life. Love each other. Treasure the little things.

Some of our memories of Las Ramblas at happier moments


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