Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away
August 14, 2017 Will

August the fifteenth used to be like any other summer day to us, but we have recently spent the day in countries where it is a cause for major hot-weather celebrations, like the Fourth of July or Labor Day. On this day, legend has it, Mary the mother of Jesus was ASSUMED into heaven. The ever-youthful madonna did not ASCEND like her son but was rather sucked up through the clouds, usually carried by angels (at least in Baroque paintings) to take her place on the throne of heaven. U.B. and I actually once visited the (extremely convincing?!?) last home of Mary in the woods outside of Ephesus, Turkey, where the “dormition” (her death) and the assumption, we assume, took place.

In any case, we decided that it was sufficient cause for celebration, and we started a few years ago to figure out creative ways to help the Blessed Virgin Mary up into the sky.

So we shopped the BVM department of various brocantes in Normandy, where we were staying in August.

But how to get her into the air…

…and keep her there?

Some fire and many arms lifted this BVM into the air on the beach.  We felt like figures painted by Titian!

This year, no French brocantes. So we hand-painted BVM’s onto handmade sky lanterns.

How do YOU celebrate the Feast of the Assumption?


  1. Mat 6 months ago

    Love it! Maybe we need to get Elon Musk involved…

  2. Hisashi B Sugaya 6 months ago

    Maybe Project Loon (Google): https://x.company/loon/technology/

  3. Lucie 6 months ago

    Yes, I love it too!

    No Hydra this summer?

    Glad you are not in Barcelona today.

  4. Evropi 5 months ago

    So lovely! I admire you always find ways to be playful !!

    • Author
      Will 5 months ago

      Thank you Evropi!

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