Springtime at the Vineyard

Springtime at the Vineyard
March 29, 2017 UB

Almond Blossoms at the vineyard

It has been a sleepy winter on the hill of Dos Padres. We have had sufficient rain and mild temperatures. Not a lot of activity these past months; however things are waking up in the way that they do in the spring!

Almond blossoms

Green Almonds

The young almond nut and shell

The almond trees have blossomed, and the ground has been covered in their petals. Immediately after flowering the green casing of the nut appears; it’s amazing how quickly that happens. In the early few weeks of the nut’s growth you can eat them right off the tree as soft green nuts, and it tastes like a cucumber.

Pere’s tractor taking care of our olives

Our vines have been cut back and our olive trees pruned.

Olive tree pruning time

We planted a lemon tree next to the barn in the hope that the barn will reflect heat throughout the winter. We think that exposure on the hillside might be too harsh for a citrus tree. We have done more landscaping using edible herbs as well as other finishing touches.

Lemon tree delivery

Preparing for our lemons!

It’s new home

Potted herbs

Everything done with the issues of water conservation and javalí (wild boar) in mind.



  1. Paul Fisher 11 months ago

    Oink oink oink!

  2. Ellen Schecter 11 months ago

    Gentleman farmers! Love it! Looks gorgeous and clearly about labors of love.

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