Expanding our Still

Expanding our Still
March 26, 2017 UB

Vicky and I worked with Pablo from the distillation and perfume class to build two new stills. This is in anticipation of this year’s larger production amount.

Pablo building our stills

The stills are made of everyday products, and they took a day to complete. The next issue is the cooling system. This is where our lack of water and electricity creates a challenge. (More on this later.)

In the meantime we have been busy in our kitchen with the pressure cooker and a smaller still that Vicky bought. Producing essential oil and lavender water. Experimenting in candle- and soap-making, sewing relaxation bags, and making incredible cocktails with lavender syrup.

Lavender as a food product has been my main interest. Infused salt to accompany our olive oil on salads. Lavender syrup for cake frostings. Dried lavender chopped up for cakes and lemon squares. And the cocktails! It’s an amazing complement for both sweet and savory tastes. (Are you salivating yet?)


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  1. Mage Bailey 11 months ago

    I’m amazed at your wonderful creativity. Bravo.

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